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Doctors here ignored my illnesses despite the fact i was unable to work for nearly a year. I nearly lost my job and home.

They didnt try to find a diagnosis - they didnt have the expertise to deal with my problems, yet denied me a referral to a specialist, thus causing me constructive injury

The *** up system in UK means these *** have to refer you to an appropriate specialist.

I ended up having to go elsewhere to have several diseases diagnosed that these *** had failed to pick up due to lack of interest. When i presented them with the facts, ie a written report by some one FAR more highly qualified than them - they LIED ABOUT WHAT I HAD SAID MY SYMPTOMS WERE in order to explain the lack of a diagnosis.

I am also in possession of evidence that their own staff write all the glowing online reviews on NHS Choices website

They aim to get you in and out of the room as quickly as possible. These doctors have no interest in your health whatsoever and they're not shy about making that clear. I was berated for taking up too much time: don't accept new patients if you don't have the time to provide the service.

One GP in particular is arrogant beyond words and rude with it. The swinging door was left to swing back in my face, demonstrating a lack of manners. Offensive assumptions were made about my ethnicity and nationality. aS if any of that is their business.

They seem to think that because there are no witnesses to the appointments, they can get away with outrageous behaviour .#

They seem to have forgotten that they are under a moral and legal obligation to prescribe treatment that best fits the patient for a resolution of the issues

This GP practice is putting public health at risk due to incompetence. You've been warned

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